Energy is life


Varimex - The Company


is a leading  company in engineering  of electrical equipment and installations, specialized in energy generating, distribution, protection and transport. We

  • draft current diagrams
  • finalize the engineering of your project
  • supply the drafted equipment up to CIF importing country
  • assist to installation.

The main markets of our activities are IRAQ, JORDAN, UAE, QATAR, ALGERIA and SUDAN.


Company history:

1980: Foundation of VARIMEX Import Export , company with limited liability. Specialization in Trading with food products to CEE.

1990: Portfolio grows to include Pasta, coffee, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, beer, isotonic drinks. Canned food, sunflower seeds, vegetable oil.

1995: Wide range of business partners was acquired: Companies Rewe, Billa, Liedl & Schwarz, Kaufland, Tesco, Van der Ven, Jean Floch, Amadori, Fileni, Cerati, ADM, Cereol, Brökelmann, BARI, Elbestern, VFI, Parmalat, Ottakringer, Alvorada

2000: Extension of field of work to fresh and frozen pork meat

2001: Foundation of independent daughter company VARIMEX S.r.o. in Dunajska Streda, Slovak Republic and branch office in Brno, Czech Republic

2002: Start of own production of fruit juice in 1 L Tetrabrick:  Orange, apple and multivitamin. Marketing in Slovak and Czech Republics.

2003: Meat portfolio extended to beef and poultry, field of work extended to Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Source of  meat widened from Austria to Germany, Belgium, Italy, France and Spain in the EC and South America

2005: Extension of business to horsemeat, source extension to USA and Mexico

2006: Taking up of a new field of work in a separate and newly founded division of the company: Energy distribution.

2007: Extension to planning of electrical installations and supply of the products to: Circuit breakers, switchboards, transformers, generators, cables, devices for energy transport

2009: Extension of action area to Iraq, Jordan, UAE and North Sudan

2012: Renaming of the company to VARIMEX INTERNATIONAL GMBH