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Our Products


Within the frame of our drafts of customer’s projects, we supply all kind of cables for different applications and all different applications: telecommunication, signaling, low- , medium and high voltage etc. We supply special cables for water treatment plants, cement factories, petroleum drilling and energy transport.


We supply all different kinds of transformers: Oil cooled or dry type power and/or distribution transformers from 2 kVA to 63 MVA, cooling type ONAN/ONAF, Bushings paper raisin or paper oil with external porcelain protection, porcelain UNEL in MV range, regulation tap changer offload or on load type motorized.
Distribution transformers from 50 kVA to 3000 kVA, cooling type ONAN/ONAF, Bushings porcelain UNEL, regulation tap changer offload or on load type motorized.
Cast raisin distribution transformers from 50 kVA to 3000 kVA, cooling type AN/AF, MV windings: Epoxi raisin encapsulated under vacuum ambient, LV windings: Epoxi raisin impregnated, regulation tap changer offload by terminal board.


  • Variable speed drives for LV and MV
  • HV, MV and LV Switchgears
  • Type tested switchgear combinations
  • AUTOMATION – process optimization (Simatic PCS 7, CEMAT), MIMIC
  • Field instrumentation like measuring all parameters and displaying it on the filterdesks
  • IT solutions: manufacturing execution system, maintenance management systems, process visualization systems
  • We provide Supervision and commissioning, maintenance, modernization, after sales service and upgrading of quality and capacity


  • Poles of different heights 3M, 6M 9 M and others
  • Painted and galvanized poles
  • Conical straight poles, welded to plates
  • Octagonal poles for traffic systems and accessories
  • Mercury vapor and sodium lamps, LEDs
  • Renewable energy – SOLAR POWERED poles


  • From 800 to 2200 kVA
  • includes Soundproof canopy
  • Steel baseframe
  • Vibration dampers
  • Integrated fuel tank
  • Residential silencer
  • Air Filter
  • Battery
  • Control panel
  • Circuit breaker
  • Emergency stop button

Steel, Aluminum, Cement, Commodities and Poles

  • Conical, octagonal and lattice poles
  • Zinc coated, hot dip galvanized or painted
  • for street lighting, traffic signals / lights and energy transport up to 400 kV
  • Raw steel billets and slabs
  • steel wire and wire rods
  • Pig Iron
  • Origin of goods Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey, European Community, China


  • Horizontal pumps
  • Vertical lineshaft pumps
  • Solar powered pumps
  • Fresh water / drinking water pumps
  • Waste water and sludge pumps


  • Prefabricated houses
  • Component construction consisting of floor and roof panels, door panel, usually 1 window panel and one panel for electricity distribution for light (included), sockets, A/C and TV (can be more panels each type upon request),
  • Use for emergency situations – assembling by 2 men only within 3 hours max, without heavy equipment. Also easy and fast demounting (1,5 hours) but still durable, withstanding to wind, rain, snow and other impacts. Size from 4 x 4 M (16 M┬▓) up.
  • Family homes for medium / long term living: building time 24 to 36 hours per unit: component elements for concrete or sand filling. Special information on request


Our portfolio includes the different pipes, needed for water:

  • Ductile pipes and
  • Fittings
  • PVC Pressure pipes for drinking water and
  • PVC pipes for waste water